Monday, May 1, 2023

Day 8: Flying Solo

​Today was a short day of riding with 50 miles, but a long day getting started. Special thanks to The Great Bicycle Shop in Tallahasee for making a house call to fix Rubys tire. I tried all thru the night and early this morning to get the tube off with no success. He comes and within  a few minutes had it off. He said its all in the thumbs.. Mine apparently are not strong enough! Finally, around 1:00,  I left the motel. 

Nothing grande about the scenery or road today, other than a terrible smell all the way. Besides that, it was just a straight shot to Perry. Nice tailwinds, some headwinds, good side to ride on made for an enjoyable day. Topped it off with Chicken Alfredo and a salad for dinner, a warm shower and soft bed. Life is good on the road.

 A nice comfortable hotel from a dear friend for our anniversary today.


  1. Less than 200 miles to go! You got this!!

    And I feel your pain about the tire. Had to put a new one on last week and my thumbs are still sore! Took me and Steve both over an hour and 1/2 to change it!

  2. Doing good girl! ❤️

  3. We have been keeping up with you girl! You are getting closer! Dr Steve said to call us!

    1. an adjustment sounds good right now! thanks for following me