Sunday, March 26, 2023

Today's Metrics 3-26-23

Today's Metrics


“I Want that Mountain”

Just as Caleb wanted his mountain for 40 years after spying out the Promise Land, I too want my mountain! The success of making this climb is a huge part of my journey. The courage, the dedication, the determination to continue to climb, facing all the obstacles, will reinforce in me that I am strong and that with the Lord's help, I will have my mountain far beyond the Emory Pass.

Today's ride from ​Lordsburg to Tyrone was a climb of 1,572 feet to 5,767 feet. As we went higher, the northern wind grew very cold and strong, whipping around our bikes. At many points, we felt like our bikes would be blown out from underneath us. We stayed the course and kept pedaling, finishing our 41-mile day. 

Today, we passed a Continental Divide sign that displayed an elevation of 6,355 ft. But we are going even higher tomorrow to another point on the Divide. We will crest the Divide at another point, Emory Pass, which has an elevation of 8,828 feet. We also passed one of the World's largest copper mines near Tyrone. Another thing we thought was quite interesting were the toilets that lined the road! Of course, we had to stop for a picture. 

Thankful for another good day of riding. Tonight, we are hosted by a sweet couple in the Warm Showers program. 

Tomorrow, we continue the climb upward!

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Ruby and Me

Beautiful Vista

We'll beat that tomorrow!

Wilma Flintstone

What a butte!

First generation Port-A-Potties

"The Thinker" by Mrs. Rodin

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hello, New Mexico!

​Today we crossed into New Mexico. The road seemed to just go on forever, but we had the sunshine and a tailwind, so all was perfect. Hendrika and I ride completely different. Her zone is slow and easy, mine…well, you know how I ride. 😎 

It was another short day with 37 miles. We are gearing up for our big climb of 4000 ft to the Continental Divide and the Emory Pass coming very soon. Once to the top, we will have climbed over 8000 ft. Please check out the link in the stats info to learn more. New Mexico has closed the roads due to repairs but letting cyclers thru. This will be great because we won't have to deal with any traffic, just cold temperatures. 

Tonight, we are blessed to be at Lordsburg Calvary Church. They even have a shower! We are clean, warm and ready for our sleeping bags.

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Hello, New Mexico!

Nothing Beats a Tailwind!


Hearts of Palm

One of so many Historical Markers

Don't tell my Trainer

THANK YOU! - Lordsburg Calvary

San Diego 413 ft - Lordsburg 4,245 ft

Today's Metrics 3-25-23

We crossed into New Mexico around mile 6. This is our third State. Next is Texas (for 1,081 miles!), then Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Florida. But first... a little thing called The Continental Divide. Pictures to follow when we get settled in.

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From 3,650 ft to 4,360ft today - Net Gain of 710 feet - Decent numbers - Short Ride.

New Mexico!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Today’s History Lesson

​Today's ride was a short 45 miles with a great tailwind the whole way. It was straight with a climb, little traffic, so I was able to put in my air pods and get in my zone. Love it! Love the speed and miles!

Today, as I came across the desert, there were many historical markers. When I stopped to read some of them, it made me think of all who had crossed these deserts hoping to find a better life. I tried to envision the covered wagons, the children, the women, the difficulties and sickness, the deaths, the struggles getting over the mountains, wondering how was it even possible to do? I thought of the sacrifices they made and how they brought about changes that we benefit from today. What a great heritage we have.

Tonight, we are once again blessed to be in a church for the night. Duncan is a very small, quaint town. The Pastor grew up here in the original Church building that you will see in the pictures. 

Tomorrow, we are headed to Lordsburg. New Mexico is coming up soon!

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Breathtakingly beautiful snowcapped mountains

Ruby talking to a sign

Post Office Duncan AZ

Duncan Bakery

Ruby loves a good fresco

Duncan First Baptist

Thank You! Duncan 1st Baptist

Me changing Ruby's oil

or a thorn...

Ruby in front of a dead tree

Metrics - 3-24-23

 Short day today - 45 miles. Neat little town. Pictures to follow.

Today's Metrics

Weird elevation today - like a humpback whale

Ruby simply adores Lavendar Park Benches😊

New Friends

​Finally, after leaving Globe, at mile 35, we met some of our biker Facebook friends on the road. Three men from Israel here to ride the Southern Tier! We asked why would they come all the way here to ride? Their reply, “We wanted to see what the other side of the Americans is like” All they know is what the News makes us out to be. We rode almost the entire way with them, then went our separate ways. Also, we met another young man traveling east to west, riding just because. Everyone has their own reason for making this journey, in search of something they hope to find. 

Today was a great day riding! Weather was perfect, we felt strong, and the winds were behind us. I know this is hard for most to understand, but on a bike, when your heart and mind align, it's like nothing else matters. For me, the faster and harder I ride, the better. Guess that's obvious with my stats.

When looking for a place to stay, we were getting no replies from campgrounds, so once again, I called on a church for help. It ends up that the Pastor is a cyclist so happily welcomes bikers to stay at the church. Only this time, a member of the church wanted us to stay with them. What a gracious host Karen and Chuck have been. Dinner, showers, laundry, and our own beds! It's going to be a good night! Thankful how God provides for us. 

Tomorrow is going to be between 40-50 miles. Girls are plugged up, electronics plugged, now it’s time for me to unplug and go to sleep. 

PS.. there is snow on the mountain!

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1,834,781 acres of San Carlos Apache Reservation

Ruby in all her grandeur

No, I think that's South... wait?

Nature in all her grandeur

ברוכים הבאים ΧœΧΧžΧ¨Χ™Χ§Χ”!

Stratocumulus or Nimbostratus?

Our Hosts - Karen and Chuck

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Today's Metrics - 3/23/23 *New Record

Whoa Nelly! At mile 31, on a -5.8% downhill grade, I hit 35mph. But that's not the new record. The new record is our Moving Pace! We had a sub 4-minute mile pace - 3:56 to be exact. And that was on a 5 hour 78-mile ride. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

Moving Pace Record!

Like a Carnival Ride

Warm night inside

We went to the services last night. I’ve missed being in church. Afterwards we stayed for a bit and enjoyed the fellowship and answered all their questions about what we are doing. They are such a sweet group of people. The Pastor's wife asked us to move inside the building where it was warm. I love when the Lord gives me “extra blessings” to my prayers.

Everything is fully charged now, so around 7 we will head out for a full day’s ride of 70+ miles. Looks like weather will begin to start warming as the day goes by.

Will post this evening when we are settled. Until then…..

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Thank You Sovereign Grace  πŸ™

My "Room" last Night πŸ˜„

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Slippery Roads and Steep Mountains

​We waited the rain out in the motel until 11 this morning. There was still a constant drizzle as we were crossing thru the tunnel and over the mountain that made the roads slick. Between the wet roads and the steep climb, we couldn’t stop to take pictures of the beautiful waterfalls and bridges or even the tunnel. At the top around 4800 ft, the cacti were replaced by trees. 

There is so much beauty in this country to see, and you definitely get the best view from 2 wheels. Our neighbors in the motel are hiking it. Interesting what their perspective was as they walked across. That is definitely not for me though. 

Today was a very short day but was purposely planned this way. Tomorrow, we start a 70-mile day to Safford with little in between, so we wanted to be fully charged, mechanically and physically, as we start off for the day. Tonight, we are in out tents behind a church in Globe. I'm going to their services tonight. I’m kind of homeless looking though. Just maybe they will feel sorry for us and let us sleep inside tonight!

More major mountains ahead.

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Waiting out the Rain

Steep Ravine

Fog and Car Spray

Yea right... I wish!

Baptist Church - Globe AZ

Tents up!

Pardon me, but could you spare some electricity?

Gourmet Dinner tonight

Globe AZ