Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Day 9: Flying Solo

​From Perry to Gainsville, 70 miles, great tailwind, some sidewinds in places, but overall, a good ride. I passed a couple of riders heading west, and 3 that are finishing this week too.

Cliff and Poddy left Rock Spring Georgia this morning early to be here for my last day of riding tomorrow. After a wonderful dinner with them, I am settled in my room, thinking about how surreal it seems. Hoping to be able to process it all tomorrow as I ride my last 50 miles. 

Carb loaded breakfast for a 70-mile day

Ruby and I stopping to enjoy the flowers

Ruby wanted a shot without me in it

Arrived at the motel


  1. Doing great girl! ❤️

  2. Looks yummy and the flowers this year have been amazing! I would love going along the beach but maybe not on a bike but a convertible lol!