Friday, March 3, 2023

Completing the train ride.. Meeting Hendrika

​Another beautiful sunset to end the day. I am 3 hours from Emeryville. Next stop is Selinas. Its dark now so I won't have pictures to show you this time. After this stop only one more city then Emeryville.

Tomorrow is the day! Ruby gets to strut her stuff and show me what we can do. Some of the mountains we will be crossing range from 6000-8000 ft! But first, we will cruise the Pacific Coast and camp by the ocean! If you get a chance, check out Hendrikas Blog - she's got a new picture of her bike Annie.

Goodnight for now…please come back tomorrow as we turn another page and begin Chapter 2.

California Sunset

Finally, we Meet!

First Hug!


  1. Love Hendricka’s story about naming her bike - Annie- you’ll be there soon!

  2. Hendrika and Vicki, by the bay,
    Are pedaling their bikes to LA.
    Annie and Ruby, they ride,
    Down the coast with the tide,
    What a journey they'll have on the way!

  3. So excited for you to get started.