Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Copper Mountain

​After picking up Ruby from the Trek store, we were ready to start riding. We left Perry’s house and headed straight to the mountains that began in Apache Junction. We detoured off the route a little because of camping availability. The rain was a constant drizzle, and the temperature drop made it very cold. Thankful that we didn't have to set up camp! I am assuming the higher we climb tomorrow, the temperature will continue dropping.

No big news or happenings from today though. We rode hard and fast. Perry hauled our panniers so we could climb easier, took us to dinner, then he went home. What a great guy he is.

For only riding 50 miles, I sure am tired. Everything is plugged and charging, so I think I will take a shower and go to bed. 

Sorry that all the pictures today are of scenery. We just wanted to get to the Copper Mountain Motel, which is the only motel in town, and get warm!


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Tonto... not Kemosabe Forest

Lush Vegetation

Cacti and Mountains

Cars and Motel

Preview of tomorrow.....

The Queen Creek Tunnel


  1. I bet it was nice to not have your luggage for a bit! The pictures are really cool. Hope you have a great day today! -Hannah

  2. “Only riding 50 miles”. You’re so funny. And how wonderful it feels when someone carries your bags for a day. 💜

  3. Did y’all ride thru that tunnel? I don’t see a bike lane? How long was it? It would be nice for Perry to continue East with you, hauling your gear. If he would do that, tell him we would treat him well in St Augustine! LOL
    RIDE ON EASY RIDER! Stay safe!

  4. Wow- Perry is a dear❤️
    Talk him into being SAG truck- what a great and AMAZING. story that would be arriving with you in Fla.!!!! He would probably love the opportunity!
    Prays for you both tomorrow/today- pedal on❤️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️