Friday, March 17, 2023

Goodbye California, Hello Arizona!

​Yesterday was a long day but a good ride to Yuma. We did not set out to ride 80 miles, but Google took us the wrong way to our Warm Showers host for the night. We enjoyed a meal of lasagna (I ate 3 pieces), salad and bread, followed by a shower and soft bed. This morning they are fixing a huge breakfast to send us on our way to Dateland today.

The ride from El Centro to Yuma took us on and off I-8 and some frontage roads that wore us out. I'm sure Ruby has worked some screws loose, so I will be checking her out and greasing the chain before we leave. 

Yesterday we went from fields of cabbage, lettuce, carrots, to the barren desert, to the Imperial Sand Dunes as far as you could see. Also, did you know the center of the world is in Felicity, California?!? We rode right by it.  Once in Arizona, we were on a gravel levee until a friend helped navigate us to our destination. Pictures will have to come later. There is no internet/Wi-Fi here.

Wonder what's behind that wall of sand?

Interstate Riding again

Big Trucks = Scary

In Felicity AZ - Named after a woman

Notice pavement - beats you to death!

Warm Showers Hosts in Yuma

Me looking Happy?

Center of the World?


  1. So glad it’s going well! Grateful God has provided y’all with warm shower hosts that were wonder! I’m praying for you girls daily!!!

  2. What a ride! Glad you are having wonderful Warm Showers hosts. Looking forward to pics!! Safe riding!🙏

  3. You deserved those three pieces of lasagna! Stay safe. Love you! -Hannah