Sunday, March 12, 2023

No Rain or Trains today!

​Where do I even start! Todays was such a great day riding, no rain, just a heavy fog. We crossed thru Oceanside, ate our lunch by the beach, then passed Carlsbad, and camping in Encinitas. Our total today was 36 miles. 

We have met many people today. Most just curious where we are going. Funny how they always want to know our age! The coast is heavily cycled. 

Another biker we met is training for a cross country.  We rode up to the gate of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corp. Took some fun pics with him and the guards so hoping to have them tomorrow.

The highlight of the day definitely was seeing a 5-women bicycle peddled by 5 world record holders. 

Tomorrow, we start out early for a long day. Then Tuesday we turn East!

Arrival at the Beach

Charging at the Grocery Store

Is that a Starbucks Cup!!

"The sea was angry this day my friends"
Seinfield Episode 56

Sandy Bottoms

Pensive Man by the Sea

Ik heb geen idee waar we zijn!

Chef Vicki heats something up

Cup O' Noodles- mmmm

"Please, Sir, I Want Some More"
Oliver Twist


  1. Love the photos…and your wit…looks like you had a great day! Jane

  2. Looks like a wonderful day!! I’m loving all the sights! Starbucks, cooking( ahem “heating” 😀, the angry sea. Glad you didn’t swim. Hope it’s another great day today. ❤️