Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hello, New Mexico!

​Today we crossed into New Mexico. The road seemed to just go on forever, but we had the sunshine and a tailwind, so all was perfect. Hendrika and I ride completely different. Her zone is slow and easy, mine…well, you know how I ride. 😎 

It was another short day with 37 miles. We are gearing up for our big climb of 4000 ft to the Continental Divide and the Emory Pass coming very soon. Once to the top, we will have climbed over 8000 ft. Please check out the link in the stats info to learn more. New Mexico has closed the roads due to repairs but letting cyclers thru. This will be great because we won't have to deal with any traffic, just cold temperatures. 

Tonight, we are blessed to be at Lordsburg Calvary Church. They even have a shower! We are clean, warm and ready for our sleeping bags.

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Hello, New Mexico!

Nothing Beats a Tailwind!


Hearts of Palm

One of so many Historical Markers

Don't tell my Trainer

THANK YOU! - Lordsburg Calvary

San Diego 413 ft - Lordsburg 4,245 ft


  1. Once again, the Lord supplied your needs according to his riches in glory! Love it! I’ll be glad when you over that mountain and closer to home 😉 David telling the Lord to take care of y’all ❤️

  2. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Tell Caleb hello when you see him. Enjoyed our first service here in Sarande today. Love and prayers. Be safe.

  3. FYI - Yes, there are black bears (ursus americanus) in the Gila National Forest. These animals range in color from black to cinnamon brown and may even have a white blaze on the chest. They weigh from 200 to 500 pounds and stand about 3 1/2 feet tall when standing on all four feet. Black bears are generally not aggressive towards humans and will usually avoid contact with them. However, it is important to take precautions when camping in bear country. The US Forest Service recommends that campers store food in bear-resistant containers and to never leave food unattended.

  4. Eat a couple more burgers! You’re burning it off 😉 -Hannah