Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Here we come Texas!

​This morning we woke up to 32 degrees. By the time we packed the tents and loaded the bikes , our hands and toes were froze. John and Debbie, the ones with the green grass, invited us in to warm up. They are really nice people. Thankful for the grass and electricity. 

Todays ride was a long stretch of just road. When finally coming into Texas , we were a little disappointed with their sign, or maybe we just came across the state line at the wrong spot. However, we are excited to be entering our 4th state.

 Our 53 mile ride ended us at Motel 6 in El Paso. It is a busy city, full of malls, familiar restaurants, lots of cars, trucks and noise, unlike New Mexico with its agriculture and vast land. I think I like the simplicity of New Mexico the best.

After going to the grocery store and Kentucky Fried Chicken, we are preparing for tomorrow's long day of 80 miles. The next several days will also be long miles thru isolated areas. There will be no luxuries of McDonalds or Sonic Tea. McDonalds has actually become a staple for us. They keep giving us BOGO coupons, and we just cant pass them up!

We’ve been several days without a shower, so I am looking forward to a shower , sleeping on a bed and starting the day with fresh clothes. 

Until tomorrow…..Good Night!

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  1. I'm with you on the city vs. rural debate. While all the familiar and abundant places in a city are nice, the country is by far the more pleasing of the two. You ladies are doing great!