Friday, March 24, 2023

New Friends

​Finally, after leaving Globe, at mile 35, we met some of our biker Facebook friends on the road. Three men from Israel here to ride the Southern Tier! We asked why would they come all the way here to ride? Their reply, “We wanted to see what the other side of the Americans is like” All they know is what the News makes us out to be. We rode almost the entire way with them, then went our separate ways. Also, we met another young man traveling east to west, riding just because. Everyone has their own reason for making this journey, in search of something they hope to find. 

Today was a great day riding! Weather was perfect, we felt strong, and the winds were behind us. I know this is hard for most to understand, but on a bike, when your heart and mind align, it's like nothing else matters. For me, the faster and harder I ride, the better. Guess that's obvious with my stats.

When looking for a place to stay, we were getting no replies from campgrounds, so once again, I called on a church for help. It ends up that the Pastor is a cyclist so happily welcomes bikers to stay at the church. Only this time, a member of the church wanted us to stay with them. What a gracious host Karen and Chuck have been. Dinner, showers, laundry, and our own beds! It's going to be a good night! Thankful how God provides for us. 

Tomorrow is going to be between 40-50 miles. Girls are plugged up, electronics plugged, now it’s time for me to unplug and go to sleep. 

PS.. there is snow on the mountain!

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1,834,781 acres of San Carlos Apache Reservation

Ruby in all her grandeur

No, I think that's South... wait?

Nature in all her grandeur

ברוכים הבאים לאמריקה!

Stratocumulus or Nimbostratus?

Our Hosts - Karen and Chuck


  1. Finally meet up with other bikers after 19 days- beautiful pics- sounds like one of the best days so far- thankful for churches and kind hosts along the way- rest well❤️

  2. Wonderful news! The Lord riding right there with y’all! They look like precious people and so glad you are meeting fellow
    Christian’s! Praying for you daily!

  3. Looks like another glorious day for you girls. Thankful for the Church!! I understand the feeling you have on a bike. Mine was on our motorcycle. Nothing like the speed, the beautiful views, God’s majestic earth. Thankful he sold it. Too old for that. But “Freedom”!! Safe travels today!🙏🥰

  4. What a wonderful day to meet up with others who share your love of cycling…and…the gracious church hosts…be safe my friend….Jane

  5. Such a cool thing to see some goodness in the world! Glad the Lord is taking care of you. -Hannah