Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Little Engine that Could

I thought of that book when I was climbing today. I read it to my kids and grandchildren. Over and over in my head I said “I think I can” all the way to the top keeping my eyes focused directly in front of me and not at the top. Stroke by stroke, Ruby and I climbed, until we finally made it!

We are now in Santa Barbara’s train station waiting to go to our host tonight to wait out the rain. We are both tired and done for the day.

Cresting Santa Ynez Range


Beautiful view of Pacific

Amtrak - Santa Barbara

Hurry up and Wait (is that Hendrika's thumb upper left?)



  1. Santa Barbara is a beautiful place…I’m so glad you will be safe from the storm(s). Sleep well…Jane

  2. Awesome job!! Rest well tonight!!