Tuesday, March 28, 2023

To the Top! 3-27-2023

This morning we left Tyrone headed East towards the Emory Pass. A good night's sleep, batteries charged, no wind, rain or cold. It was a perfect day! 

We passed one of the largest copper mines in New Mexico that stretched as far as you could see. Pictures just couldn’t do it justice. 

Even though there was a constant 6% incline from when we left, the real climb began with an increase to a 10% incline.  The Pass was closed to cars due to road construction, but open to cyclists. We slid the bikes under the gates and the climb was on!

As we rode, I remembered David always telling me to swerve my way up a hill and make the turns on the inside. Staying focused, I worked my way climbing doing just that and thought how he would be smiling that I remembered. I know that he is so very proud of me. 

There are no words to describe not only the experience, but the beauty of the climb. The sound of the creeks, the smell of the cedar trees, the quietness of it being just us, was like nothing we had experienced to this point. 

After 5 hours, we were at the top overlooking what appeared to be the entire Gila National Forest. We had reached the Emory Pass at 8,228ft! The Lord gave me my mountain! Next was to go down without riding the brakes. What an amazing experience!

We ended in Hillsboro, New Mexico, population 135. It is literally one street, that is only open on the weekends. We were invited to stay at a campground and in a camper! The local people embraced us and even brought food.  They love cyclists and are trying to put their little town on the map. With such great hospitality, they should have no problem doing so. We were not able to get cell connections, resulting in this being a day late. 

So, this evening we sit by a fire with our stomachs full, a soft bed inside, and the girls being charged. We are blessed! I’m going to be okay.

No Metrics Today 😒 No Cell Service - When you have time - check out Hendrika's Blog

Beats Denver by 658 feet!

Copper Mine

Gila National Forest

Thin Air - Blue Skies



Emory Pass

Limbo Limbo!

A little further to go

Airstream Tonight!

Sweet Dreams

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  1. Vic, I am so proud of you!!! Keep it up girl!!! Stay strong!!! You’ve got this!!!