Friday, March 24, 2023

Today’s History Lesson

​Today's ride was a short 45 miles with a great tailwind the whole way. It was straight with a climb, little traffic, so I was able to put in my air pods and get in my zone. Love it! Love the speed and miles!

Today, as I came across the desert, there were many historical markers. When I stopped to read some of them, it made me think of all who had crossed these deserts hoping to find a better life. I tried to envision the covered wagons, the children, the women, the difficulties and sickness, the deaths, the struggles getting over the mountains, wondering how was it even possible to do? I thought of the sacrifices they made and how they brought about changes that we benefit from today. What a great heritage we have.

Tonight, we are once again blessed to be in a church for the night. Duncan is a very small, quaint town. The Pastor grew up here in the original Church building that you will see in the pictures. 

Tomorrow, we are headed to Lordsburg. New Mexico is coming up soon!

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Breathtakingly beautiful snowcapped mountains

Ruby talking to a sign

Post Office Duncan AZ

Duncan Bakery

Ruby loves a good fresco

Duncan First Baptist

Thank You! Duncan 1st Baptist

Me changing Ruby's oil

or a thorn...

Ruby in front of a dead tree


  1. Very cool! Those mountains are spectacular! Roll on big mamas!

  2. Beautiful views- thankful for awesome folks and churches-ride with caution across the pass- 🙏🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

  3. Love it Vic. How was the bakery 🥰

    1. was not a bakery, more of deli with ice cream😉 it was however at one time the town bank and motel

  4. Beautiful photos…another great day! Jane

  5. Beautiful pictures Viki! Bike on sister! Let ve and prayers!

  6. Mountains are majestic!! Love the history lessons. Prayers for a restful night for you & Hendrika and a great day tomorrow.