Wednesday, March 15, 2023

WOW! is all I can say

​What an amazing day! From the climb to 4,957 feet, to finishing downhill while being pushed by a 12 mile an hour tail wind to a max speed of 38.3 mph with no pedaling and finishing up at 63 miles for the day, it was definitely a WOW Day. 

The scenery was beautiful. We passed closely by The Border Wall, with patrol officers everywhere. The In-Ko-Pah Mountains were like giant boulders that had been perfectly placed on top of each other as far as you could see. And then the valley with the giant windmills! Also, entered the desert! (but that's a story for tomorrow’s ride) All amazing and beautiful while being so different. 

Our days are beginning to be much warmer. Tonight, we are camping in Ocotillo. Concrete sure doesn't make for the best sleeping, but it works. Ended the day with a big lettuce wrapped burger and am ready for bed.

Downhill run

The Border


The Border Wall

Italian lunch - Tea, olives and Panino

The Desert




  1. Woohoo! Nice job!! Hope you slept well. Folks at the gym are asking about you. Happy to keep them updated!

  2. Great photos! Jane