Monday, April 24, 2023

Day 1 of Flying Solo

​Saturday, I boarded the train in Austin for New Orleans, arriving Sunday evening. After a big breakfast of protein and lots of carbs, including pancakes, I left for my destination of Biloxi. Even though today is actually not day 1 of my journey, it feels totally different being on my own, so I call this “Day 1 of Chapter 3”. 

83 miles with stiff headwinds for my first day in the saddle after 2 weeks off! My knees and sit bones are feeling it, so I’m sitting in the bed with them wrapped in ice (my knees that is), eating pizza and enjoying a jug of tea from Mcdonald’s left over from lunch. Other than those 2 things, I felt strong and happy to be on the road again. 

I wasn’t expecting to go through Louisiana so quickly! But it was nice to get into Mississippi after riding over 9 bridges, several of which are closed to automobile traffic. The Bay St. Louis bridge was the last one and was a little over 2 miles long.  On one bridge, Ruby had one wheel in Mississippi and the other in Louisiana! Once turning towards the coast, the white sand and ocean were so relaxing, that I purposely slowed down to enjoy it all. 

I have been asked by several if I will be joining Hendrika again. We have both decided to finish our ride solo. I wish my friend joy in her birthday journey, safety as she goes, tailwinds on the way and hope that Anne and Ruby can dip their wheels together on the coast. 

Tomorrow is a big day with many miles, but tonight I am finishing my pizza and tea then going to bed. Good night!

One of the many "Closed to Traffic" bridges along Hwy 90

Post Modern Absurdist Statement?

Ruby - Between a rock and a hard place

Front wheel in Mississippi - Rear Wheel in Louisiana

But not for long...

One of the 9 Bridges

Headed to the Gulf Coast

Ruby relaxing near Biloxi


  1. Congratulations for being back n the road again. Those pesky headwinds got you the first day. Sorry about that, but the trip looks enjoyable and the bike looks good on you. I bet you feel like a new woman without a swollen mouth. Keep pushing. I’m now living vicariously through you from my recliner. 😁

  2. The above comment is from me. Sorry, I’m new at this.

  3. Hooray! Sounds like a good first day back. Folks at the gym are cheering you on!!