Monday, April 3, 2023

God is so Good

​I have to start with a praise for today! When rolling into town today, there was a man standing on the road in a white truck. I stopped to see what he needed and he introduced himself as Pastor Mike Ellis of 1st Baptist Church. He asked me if we were just passing thru or needed somewhere to stay. After a brief conversation, he then explained that their church takes the opportunity to be a blessing to cyclist and offers a stay, meal and breakfast for free WITH air conditioning, shower and laundry! Of course, I said, “Thank You Jesus "and YES to him. He said to me that this was not an accident that we met, because he doesn't stand on the road and hunt cyclist down. I said another “Thank You Jesus”! You just can’t out give or top what HE does for us.

Now for the ride. Today was a great day. The sunshine, tailwind, and road were a perfect combination for an amazing ride. I used very little assist, so Ruby is out of the doghouse now!  

Between Marathon and Sanderson, we began to see a major change in the landscape of the mountains. It was as though the tops were taken off and flattened. The desert flowers are in full bloom and so very pretty. There is an Amtrak station here. In fact, I came through here on my train trip to California.

We have a new friend riding with us that we picked up. His name is Don from California. 

We will rest well, we are clean, have A/C, with the opportunity for a full stomach from what sounds to be a yummy dinner. 

A definite change in the mountains

Flat tops

Desert Flowers

Desert Cactus Flowers

Dos vagabundos locos

Sanderson First Baptist - Pastor Mike, me & Dan


  1. The flowers are beautiful!

  2. Yay! Glad you got to this place. I seen another post where some cyclists made it there too! Love ya and keep on keeping on! 🚲

  3. I love seeing all the pictures! Such a cool experience! -Hannah

  4. God is good, and faithful. Sends chills through me when these things occur. You are a witness to his grace and loving kindness. Hoping those around you see how a Christian's life is so fulfilling. Ride on!

  5. Oh my!!! God’s blessings come in so many ways!!!! Love seeing all the pictures!! I am so glad you have met so many fellow cyclists and it’s great that Dan has joined the journey with you! Cindy B

  6. Sounds like the perfect day! Jane