Friday, April 7, 2023

Just riding in the Rain

​48.2 miles today from Brackettville to Camp Wood. I think I lost connection to my RWGPS because all my miles didn't show on the Metrics. It started raining 6 miles out of town and continued most of the day with head/side winds. We connected back with the 3 Israeli guys on the trail and also met a rider going West who was from France, and 2 men from Canada. There seems to be more activity on the Tier as we are nearing our halfway mark.

Rolling into Camp Wood, we began looking for a place to stay. We decided on a motel because of riding in the rain all day. Our choice, The Cowboy Motel, only because it was the only one in town! But its clean, warm and we could take a shower. 

Tomorrow, we begin the climb up the Twisted Sisters Mountains. It sounds intimidating, even more so than the Emory Pass did.

After our showers and a stuffed brisket baked potato for dinner, we are tired and ready for bed. Hope to have sweet dreams of conquering this first section of the Sisters!

Our Friend from France

Dry River Bed

Water and Green Trees - A Welcome change


Don and Hendrika

Our Home for the Night

It's an MGB - "B" is for Bull

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