Saturday, April 1, 2023

Oh, Marfa, Where art thou Marfa?

​This morning we left Van Horn in search of Marfa. After a very long day, 74 miles, with constant incline and head winds, we we’re beginning to wonder if Marfa even existed! Plus, Ruby decided she was done with 30 miles to go! I had to haul her with all the gear at my lowest assist fighting the winds! That is over 100 lbs! But I can tell you Marfa does exist, and we found it! The best thing about the town is DQ and I really did enjoy a small Blizzard. But in between Van Horn and Marfa, there was absolutely nothing. Unless you want to count Valentine, population of 73 or the artsy structures. On June 6, 1955, a production crew from Warner Brothers descended on Marfa, Texas, to shoot "Giant," the iconic movie starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

We meet several riders going west today. The winds were good for them, which is very unusual. At the campground, we also met a women cycler being sagged by her husband going west and a guy that was right behind us making his way to the campground as well.

All is good now, Ruby is being charged, and we are getting settled for the night. Oh yeah, a Prada store in the middle of the desert! Maybe it was built for Elizabeth Taylor.

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Prada in the Desert

James Dean from the 1956 film GIANT

Elizabeth Taylor from the movie GIANT

Population 73

Valentine Post Office

Fellow Traveler

Another fellow traveler

And yet another

Tumble Inn RV Park

Main Office


  1. Love the cool Art - Prada in the middle of no where??????
    Sounds like a challenging day- Rest well- watch out for those thorns❤️🚴‍♀️❤️

  2. We just left Texas so I can attest to the wind. It’s been tough all week. You are doing great! Looks like you might have a tailwind today. 🚴‍♀️💨🤞

  3. Too funny! Travel on weary pilgrim 😉😘

  4. Oh man! You deserved a large blizzard after that! Enjoying your blogs! Prayers