Sunday, April 9, 2023

Take Life by the Horns

This morning we enjoyed the Easter Sunrise Service with the community. The singing and preaching was a blessing. Don, Hendrika and myself rode our bikes there, then went back to camp and loaded our gear.

I was caught off guard as we made our first turn. I Definitely was not prepared to have to climb almost 2300 ft first thing in the morning. The weather was good with no wind, so it was doable. I am learning that I can do anything, if I just “take life by the horns and do it”.

Our ride took us past many of the hunting ranches. We saw a lot of different types of deer as well as some other animals that I had no idea what they were. It then changed to longhorn bulls, then into the horse country. The land was beautiful as we continued to climb and wind our way thru the countryside. 

Tonight, we are in a campground in Ingram, Texas. Deer everywhere just hanging out. We were sitting at a table by the road as we waited for another rider, when a lady pulled up to talk. Ended up that she made a phone call and had us in a campground for free! So, tonight we are in our tents, on the Guadeloupe River, listening to the birds and watching the deer. God is good…

A REAL Texas Longhorn

Easter Services

At the Guadalupe River

Ruby Resting

Vicki Resting

A TALL Split Rail Fence

Wish he was here

Yes, It's wet!

This could be Tennessee


  1. Glad you got to go to sunrise service! I prayed for you today ! Those cows got some
    Horns..bigtime! 😂 travel on big girl!

  2. I am so glad you got rejoice and praise Jesus on his special day! He is by your side through your journey!! Your trip sounds amazing and I definitely want to try it in the near future!! God Bless! Cindy B

  3. So many different kinds of deer along there for sure! You will continue to enjoy the Hill Country as you travel! Thankful for a great place to stay and camp! Enjoying all your adventures

  4. Ahh…the kindness of others…great photos..Jane