Saturday, April 8, 2023

Twisted Sisters Part 2

We left around 7:30 this morning from Camp Wood headed to the mountains. The Twisted Sisters did not disappoint! It was a perfect day to ride. Weather was awesome, absolutely no wind, so the climb was easy and enjoyable.The road was like a wooden rollercoaster with the steep incline and twisting back and forth. Then just when you think you are at the top, there were the rolling hills to go thru. You could gather enough speed coming down to almost make it back up again. 

In a little town called Leakey, we stopped at the Motorcycle Stop for lunch. Best burger I’ve ever had. There are alot of motorcycles, corvettes, and other groups that travel the Twisted Sister route as well as bikes. We met another new cycler today coming from the east named Anthony. 

I have to say that even though it was a short day with mileage of only 35, it was the best climb. From what I understand, we rode the best section of the 100 mile loop. 

Tonight we are staying at the Lost Maple Campground. In the morning we are going to an Easter Sunrise Service then head towards Kerrville.

So Long Cowboy

Riding into the Clouds

One of many Switchbacks

Above the Clouds

Rolling Hills

Dynamic Trio

Biker Hangout

Three Twisted Sisters

Green Trees - No Sand!


  1. That's some really scenic country you've just passed through, and will pass through in the next few days. You'll pass the famous Boot Fence, and Stonehenge...

    p.s. He is risen.

  2. I love seeing all the pictures! Such a neat, once-in-a-lifetime experience! -Hannah

  3. I remember a motorcycle rally taking place when I went through. Motorcycles B everywhere for a couple days. I was told that they stage a rescue helicopter in town knowing that it will be put to use. Beautiful area. Soak it in. Dee

  4. Another great day! Jane