About Me

I’m Vicki… a Christian, a mom, a grandma to 7, a cyclist, a widow.

David and I were married 45 years. We had an amazing life serving the Lord in ministry, raising our children, and loving our grandchildren.

In between, our passion was riding and touring together. Thankyou David for encouraging me to always keep riding.

The Southern Tier will complete the rides we had planned. It was said by a friend, “It takes a village for Vicki to make this ride.” Not realizing the truth in that statement until now, I would like to thank all of you that have encouraged, helped, believed in me, and yes, even those that think I am crazy, but have accepted I must do this. Thankyou to my bike shop, MOAB, for preparing “Ruby” to make this epic ride, and a very special thankyou to my new friend, Hendrika, that is willing to take this journey with me. 

This one is for us sweetie! Love and miss you with all my heart.

Hope you all enjoy the ride with me..


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