Monday, March 20, 2023

Best Friends Forever

​Today, we did not ride. Ruby was in the shop and both of us needed a break - my rear needed a break! For our day off in Tempe, we were hosted by Perry, an old friend of our family.

My time with Perry has been very special. He and my Mom were the best of friends for so many years. While they loved each other dearly, they knew they were better together by staying best friends forever. We talked, I cried, and as I looked thru Perry's photo albums, it dawned on me that Mom was my age then. I've always known I looked like her, but it was as though I was looking in a mirror. I was able to close that chapter and realize how much I loved and missed her. Sometimes you just have to go back and see life thru different eyes to appreciate what you had. 

I also realized that she was quite adventurous and enjoyed life on 2 wheels as well. Theirs just had a bigger motor than mine! Is it possible I came by my love for cycling “naturally “?

Thank you, Perry, for your hospitality, the soft bed, the many hours of talking, for all the sweet memories of mom and for the love you showed her by being her Best Friend.

Mom and Perry in the Desert

Mom on Perry's "Bike"

Perry - Mom's Best Friend


  1. Vicki, spending time with Perry and learning more about your Mom, has to be the high point of your trip! I think it’s a “GOD THING!”
    Ride on!

  2. How cool was that. Makes my heart happy for that healing! Hooray for strong adventuring Mamas! 💕

  3. You definitely are your Mother's Daughter! Full of adventure, full of life.

  4. We’ve shared many talks about our moms and I’m grateful this visit with Perry has been healing and precious - yes- sometimes a different perspective is 20/20❤️
    You are your mom!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful story…getting ready to board a plane for Scottsdale….just missed you!!! Jane

  6. So glad you were able to spend time with Perry and get a better understanding of your mom! Praying for your heart.

  7. Vicki!!! So happy you got some rest and got to spend time with Perry. It seems like you finally got some answers. You definitely are your mother's daughter. Hoping Ruby is ready and raring to go. On to the next part of your journey. 🙏❤️