Monday, March 20, 2023

Take time to smell the roses

​Yesterday morning we made our way north towards Buckeye and beyond with strong side winds coming from the southeast. The flowers in the desert smelled so nice. Not a sweet smell, yet each flower having its own distinctive fragrance. The cattle farms and land fill, well, that did not smell too sweet either.

When we made a turn east towards Phoenix, the side wind became a ferocious head wind. For the next 23 miles we fought to keep our bikes on the road. But in the midst of the wind, suddenly a mirage appeared on the horizon. Could it be? Yes, there it was… A SONIC! My beloved Oasis! Yes, finally! Tea for me!!

After my Tea Fix, we made our way to Goodyear, to a Trek dealership for Ruby. My kickstand had snapped off and it had a main part break. In going over Ruby, they found my rear disk brake pads were worn and needed new hydraulic fluid. I assume this was caused by riding my brakes down the mountains! I'm hoping the new parts will be in tomorrow so that we can stay on track.

We are taking a day off from riding. Hopefully my sit bone will heal up. So, for tonight, I hope everyone rests well. I know I will, because I’m in a real bed! 

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Me smelling flowers

Rude Cactus!

Buckeye - Where I found a Sonic!

Nice wide shoilder

Me, Perry and Hendrika - Eating Mexican

Will you please hurry with that Tea!


  1. Keep the faith! So proud of you! I knew if there was Sonic within 100 miles, you would find it! LOL

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