Saturday, March 18, 2023

Dateland to Gila Bend

​As we pedaled East to Gila Bend, the desert became alive. Green mountains, purple, pink, yellow flowers gave a fresh look to the barren desert. The sunshine feels amazing. Gila Bend gets its name from an approximately 90-degree bend in the Gila River, which is near the community’s current location.

Today, we tucked our heads and pedaled deep as we faced a serious head wind for the entire day, drafting as much as possible. The last 13 miles was on a bumpy Frontage Rd which made it even worse. My left “sit bone” feels as though its bruised, so I rode one cheek on and one cheek off the saddle. 🤠

As we came to the end, we could see the prize for our hard work. There it was, the Golden Arch. Yeap, it was McDonalds! Coffee for Hendrika, but NO tea for me! Who ever heard of McDonalds not having tea! In the Desert of all places!

We’re settled in the tents for the night. We are tired and sore,  but determined to keep chipping away the miles one day at a time. 

Long straight roads

Pavement cracks on the Frontage Road

Beautiful Mountains in the distance

Finally - Flowers

Gila Bend - Where Solar panels outnumber people!

No Tea! Shame on Thee!

Ruby and Annie.. talking of leaving their owners!

Beautiful day except for the wind


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  1. Looks like a great day….love the photos. Jane