Thursday, March 2, 2023

Looooooong Day

​As the sun came up, we were in Del Rio. Moving westward brought a change in landscape to tumbleweeds, sand, cactus, rocks and very tall mountains. Strangely though, we saw no birds or even armadillos, just a few skinny cows in a vast desert.

Finally, around 3, we left Texas and into New Mexico. On the left of us, was The Wall, Rio Grande River, and Old Mexico. 

We are finally in Arizona now. Coming up on Cochise, Benson and then Tucson. Only 17 more hours to go!! On a side note…a biker that started this week rode into major snow the first day! 🥶 Temperature has definitely dropped and strong winds are blowing. Praying it all settles down in the next few days.

Sunrise - Near Del Rio
Amistad Reservoir
The Border Wall
Rio Grande River
Fort Davis Mountains
Del Rio Bridge
used by border patrol
Border Patrol Aerostat

This is used by the border police to patrol the area - now grounded by Washington.


  1. Donna and Vicki, a traveling pair,
    On a train ride with time to spare,
    Through Arizona they chug along,
    California their final song,
    17 more hours, but they don't despair!

  2. Wow I have to say this is an amazing experience! Praying no snow and you can stay warm!!!

  3. You’ll have to write a book , Vic!

  4. Beautiful photos…Jane

  5. It's like a preview of the places you'll visit. Should be fun to see the train from the other side as you pass by on bicycle!

  6. Great Photos! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!