Friday, March 3, 2023

Goodbye Donna... Hello California!

Arrived at the Union Station in Los Angeles this morning. It's a beautiful Station and a very busy place. Donna stayed with me until 9:00am. I loaded my stuff on the train and she headed for the airport to fly home. I wish everyone had a selfless, loving friend like Donna. I appreciate her so much for wanting to be a part of this "New Chapter" in my life. I don't know what I would do without all of my "Village".

Now the page has turned as I travel the Pacific Coast to Emeryville. The train ride from Los Angeles to Emeryville offers breathtaking views of California's diverse landscapes, including stunning coastlines, rolling hills, and towering snowcapped mountains. As the train worked its way up the coast to Santa Barbara, the Pacific Ocean was breathtaking. Once I get to Emeryville, I'll finally meet Hendrika. She is anxiously awaiting, as am I, the beginning of our adventure.

So much of the train ride has allowed me to see a lot of the actual route we will be riding. There were long stretches back in the desert where the train was almost one with the actual highway that we will be riding. When we get to those locations, I can smile knowing that "I've been here before". The train ride has definitely helped me in knowing where we will need to prepare for vast areas of nothing but long roads with nothing. I'll know when to stock up on water and food to make it through. Unfortunately, so far, I have not seen a single Sonic. No Tea for Me.🙁

Stay tuned for more. I'm about 200 miles away from Emeryville. Excited!!

Goodbye My Friend

Union Station

Big and Beautiful

Something to eat

Something else to eat

I'm sure we'll bike thru here.

and here as well


  1. How wonderful you had Donna to keep you company on the long train ride. Your pictures are beautiful and we look forward to more! What an adventure!

  2. Exciting day! Yes…long time friends are priceless…I’m fortunate to have one of those friends…over 60 years! Great photos….you capture the moment…Jane