Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Slippery Roads and Steep Mountains

​We waited the rain out in the motel until 11 this morning. There was still a constant drizzle as we were crossing thru the tunnel and over the mountain that made the roads slick. Between the wet roads and the steep climb, we couldn’t stop to take pictures of the beautiful waterfalls and bridges or even the tunnel. At the top around 4800 ft, the cacti were replaced by trees. 

There is so much beauty in this country to see, and you definitely get the best view from 2 wheels. Our neighbors in the motel are hiking it. Interesting what their perspective was as they walked across. That is definitely not for me though. 

Today was a very short day but was purposely planned this way. Tomorrow, we start a 70-mile day to Safford with little in between, so we wanted to be fully charged, mechanically and physically, as we start off for the day. Tonight, we are in out tents behind a church in Globe. I'm going to their services tonight. I’m kind of homeless looking though. Just maybe they will feel sorry for us and let us sleep inside tonight!

More major mountains ahead.

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Waiting out the Rain

Steep Ravine

Fog and Car Spray

Yea right... I wish!

Baptist Church - Globe AZ

Tents up!

Pardon me, but could you spare some electricity?

Gourmet Dinner tonight

Globe AZ

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