Thursday, March 23, 2023

Warm night inside

We went to the services last night. I’ve missed being in church. Afterwards we stayed for a bit and enjoyed the fellowship and answered all their questions about what we are doing. They are such a sweet group of people. The Pastor's wife asked us to move inside the building where it was warm. I love when the Lord gives me “extra blessings” to my prayers.

Everything is fully charged now, so around 7 we will head out for a full day’s ride of 70+ miles. Looks like weather will begin to start warming as the day goes by.

Will post this evening when we are settled. Until then…..

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Thank You Sovereign Grace  🙏

My "Room" last Night 😄


  1. Yes!!! The Lord is good!! Prayers for you and Hendrika for a Blessed day. 🙏🥰

  2. Every church I visited on tour was overjoyed that I was there. At least as a man, it mattered zero what I was wearing. I had nicer clothes in the panniers, and would ask in the lobby whether I was okay as I was, and the answer was always yes.

  3. Peter and I are following your travels. Living vicariously! :)

  4. Makes me smile….and believe….Jane