Friday, April 14, 2023

A Time to Rest

​I spent several hours with the Endodontist. We agreed that if he found infection “oozing” after he cleaned out the tooth that he would pack it with meds until next week. I knew when he told the assistant, “Well this answers that question” that it wasn't what I wanted to hear. There was too much infection and although he cleaned it out, it kept oozing. He packed it with meds, kept me on the antibiotics, and told me to come back next Friday to see what it looks like. Caleb is good with me hanging out here with him. So, while I don't quite understand why…. I know there is a reason, a lesson to learn, that I must need while “I be still” and let Him be God in my life. I’ve learned so much about “me” on this journey, but this one must really take all my focus on Him to understand or maybe I’m just hardheaded. So, I’m waiting. Thankful for Caleb letting me stay another week!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! Hope I learn fastšŸ„¹ 

"...and the Dr said to limit your Snickers to 3 bars per day until next Friday"


  1. Just don’t let them turn you into a woke liberal while you are there! LOL
    Things do happen for a reason. Praying for your recovery and safe continuation of your journey.

  2. Praying for you! Thankful you have a place to stay, and found a dentist! Sad Hendrika had to go on without you but understandable! Hugs

  3. I also pray for your speedy healing.