Thursday, April 13, 2023

Another day in Bed

​Its Thursday and I am still in bed. Went to the dentist since there was not any changes in the swelling. I do need a root canal. My first thoughts were to just dope me up good to kill the infection. The Dr was not thrilled with that idea but gave me 2 strong antibiotics plus strong pain meds and recommended that if the infection flared up again, I needed to go home or find a dentist wherever I was. I thought, I could do that! Then my x-rays were sent to my Dr at home. They agreed that it has a lot of infection, and that it would be best to get it done asap. So, tomorrow I go for consultation and if he feels it's safe, he will do the surgery. 

Plans are that if all goes well, I will get a train to New Orleans Saturday night, take couple days off healing and letting my mouth settle then will start riding Monday to finish the ride. 

I am very thankful that I am at Calebs. God knew I needed to be here. So… I’m lying in “my” bed, just counting my blessings and ready to get this over and back on Ruby. 

My "Get Well" spot - Thank You Caleb!

Can't wait to get back on the road


  1. Bless you! You’ve accomplished a monumental feat so far…far more than you thought you could! The Lord is in it all and this didn’t take him by surprise! Praying for quick healing! 🙏

  2. So glad that you are there and have a nice place to rest! Love and prayers for fast healing! ❤️

  3. So glad you are at Calebs! Hope all is better after you get your root canal done! Love and prayers!

  4. Heal quickly! Stay strong and keep looking forward! You’ll be back on Ruby in no time!! ♥️

  5. Oh no….tooth pain is the worst…thinking of you….Jane

  6. I hope you heal quickly! That sounds awful 😢 –Hannah