Thursday, April 6, 2023

Brackettville, we are coming your way!

​After saying our goodbyes to Mark and Janni, we were off to Brackettville. Still on Hwy 90, but this was the loudest, busiest section so far. We had another short day of 44 miles, but it was cold, so I loaded up the layers. We really thought the cold was gone but it appears we will have it again for several days ahead of us.

Tonight, we are staying at Frontier Baptist Church in the fellowship hall. We walked to the subway for dinner and are now getting settled in for the night. So thankful how the Lord provides for places to stay and new friends and memories daily. 

Tomorrow is onward to Camp Wood. And then Saturday to The Twisted Sister Mountains and yes, it's worse than it sounds!

But for now, good night!

Arrival, Brackettville Texas

Which side is left on?

Frontier Baptist

Hitching our rides to the hitching post

Our Room for the night

My Bed for the night


  1. Wishing you tailwinds over the Twisted Sisters!

  2. I need to look up twisted sister!

  3. Glad you are safe and sound for the night! Jane