Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Short day to Del Rio

​After packing up from our camping mishap, we headed to Del Rio. All was calm with side winds and tail winds. Overall, it was a very easy, smooth ride of 33 miles to Del Rio. At the end, we crossed the Govenor's Landing Bridge, which had no shoulders and a short stubby guardrail. We predetermined that we would space ourselves out into the lane to push the cars over since there was nowhere for us to go. We were thankful that after we let several 18 wheelers and a few cars go in front of us, we had clear sailing all the way across. It was actually very fun.

Once in Del Rio, we met our hosts for the night. Mark and Janni were recommended to me by a close friend in Murfreesboro. They were great! Made us feel at home right away, took us to eat at a pizza/salad bar, and even cleaned our chains and checked out tires! I was so relieved when high winds blew thru in the early morning that we were inside and not in the tents for “round 2 of take down”.

Tomorrow we will leave and continue east to Brackettville. 

It was really fun being with Mark and Janni. Until tomorrow!

A Real Meal.. at a Real Table!

What's over that next hill?

No shoulder & dinky guardrail. CRAZY

When will US90 ever end?

When Ruby retires, this is my next ride.

Mark cleans Ruby's chain.

Me, supervising Mark.

Janni, me, Hendrika, Mark and Don


  1. I’m so happy they took such great care of you! Two of my favorite people in Texas taking care of one of my favorite Tennesseans!

    1. they were amazing! loved them