Friday, April 21, 2023

Chapter 3: Learning to Fly Solo

​Today the dentist released me. My root canal is healed and sealed so that I shouldn’t have any more problems. I do not regret having it done and not waiting. Caleb has been such a blessing taking me where I needed to be and letting me stay. I'm sure though, he is ready to have his normal life back. I am ready, while keeping in mind that everything happens for a reason. 

Since being in Austin, Ruby has been to the Trek shop 3 times! She is all cleaned, serviced and ready to put some long days in. I’ve been down with this root canal but have been able to rest comfortably. I’m behind but can still finish. I’ve had the best massage that I’ve ever had, plus got to visit Breann and Manny. I’ve been able to reflect on the past and realize just how much I am blessed with my kids and grandkids, family and friends that love me.

So, while some may say it's been a wasted time, I have to disagree. I am ready to learn to “fly solo." Being alone has been my biggest fear since David passed away. Simple things like, learning to do things that he always did, learning to be alone at night, even learning to not be sad if I want to eat out, (which I won't do alone). So many just seem like little things but have consumed me with fear and sadness.  But the big one has been learning to accept that I am now a widow, and that he is gone, but will always be in my heart. 

I am ready to fly literally as well! I am strong and rested, so Ruby and I will put in many days of long miles and fast speeds as I finish this journey solo.  St Augustine, I am coming to you!

When in Austin, Dr Burgos is your man if you need a root canal!

    Best massage in Austin, Breann Pena 


  1. Hey Vicki! I’m following you and thanking God for His watchcare over you! You are so brave and courageous! You are inspiring!
    I pray daily for His hedge around you! I love you sister-friend💞
    R. Young

  2. Hi Vicki, Glad that you’re feeling better! I’m enjoying reading your blog and living vicariously through you (except for the root canal part). Keep your posts coming!

  3. I'm so stinking proud of you!! You've got this my sister friend!! Wishing you blue skies and tailwinds to St. Augustine!!

    1. thank you ! Im ready to get back in the saddle