Monday, April 17, 2023

Feeling better Every Day

​Felt better today. Praying Friday that the Dr thinks the infection is gone. I rode a bit today, it felt good to be back on Ruby, even if it was just a short way.

I fixed dinner for Caleb and Kendall. I actually haven't cooked in a very long time. April or Lisa always brought us a plate of something, then as David got worse, we were in and out of the hospital, so neither of us ate much.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to wash Ruby, get my tent repacked, and panniers reloaded. Everything is just a mess and unorganized. Maybe I will just ride, or maybe mow Caleb's grass. Might just feel good enough to do it all.

Whatever I do, I know I have "my room" to come back too, for which I am very grateful.

But for now, I am going to bed.

I'm a Chef again! - Just ask Caleb and Kendall

Hope they like their roast well done.