Sunday, April 30, 2023

Day 7: Flying Solo, Chapter 3

​Today was such an amazing day filled with several “first” for me. The roads, tailwind, and scenery were beautiful, which made for a great day to add some extra miles. 

There is something about riding a century with Ruby. I’ve done 110 before, but never 121 miles! We were both at our best today. Nothing to prove by doing it, I just love the distance and speed.

As I was riding, I looked up and there was a white van pulled over to the side with a young family, clapping and cheering me on. As I stopped to talk with them, it made my day. It really doesn't take much to just be kind and encouraging to people. 

About midway, I stopped at McDonalds to plug in Ruby for a bit, ate lunch, and took back off. I assume that's where I messed up my RWGPS, when I decided to go more. I’m really good at doing thatšŸ¤·‍♀️But, we finished strong.

Another “first” for me today: I had my “first” flat for this entire trip. I consider that really good when I read most people have several. So, this means my “first” to fix a flat… will see how it goes.

I am settled in for the night and need to tackle the be continued tomorrow with the resultsšŸ„“

You meet the nicest people when you least expect it

Another Bridge

And yet another bridge

Ruby gets a "charge" out of stopping at McDonalds

Bridge, My Thumb and a Dam

Ruby needs a Farrier


  1. Good luck with that flat. Take your time, make sure you got out of the tire whatever caused the flat. More tail winds tomorrow!

  2. You are very fortunate for this to be your first flat. Congrats on the Century plus and I’m glad you’re still being blessed by meeting nice and fun people.