Sunday, April 30, 2023

Today's Metrics 4-30-2023

 Well, I think I've found the secret to "Fast Endurance Cycling." It involves eating a Domino's Pizza in bed during a thunderstorm the night before your ride. That will make you go fast the next day. Oh, and having a 20-mph tailwind helps as well. I was originally going to take two days to go from Panama City to Tallahassee. But with the tailwind, I literally flew my first 66 miles. So, I decided to go another 55 miles. Unfortunately, I only have one Metric for the first 66.3 miles. The second Metric stopped working at mile 34. So, I'm going to put up the entire 121-mile route. I'm sure my Metrics would have been similar had RWGPS not crapped out on me the second half. I got my century! and then some to boot. 😀

Metric #1 - The First 66.3 miles

My Entire Route for the Day - 121 miles


  1. Wow!! Amazing!! Not far now!!

  2. Wow, that’s AWESOME!!! Great great job! I love to see you break records. You’re killing it! –Hannah

  3. You’re almost there!