Monday, April 10, 2023

Good Day to Ride

​It's hard to believe that we are on day 35. We have yet to take a day off. However, it does seem as though we are never going to get out of Texas! 

Today the town of Fredericksburg was very pretty with its beautiful flowers and many wineries. The smell of cut grass and green trees is nothing like previous days thru the desert.

Tonight, we are in Johnson City, home of Lyndon B Johnson. We are camping at the Road Runner Campground. 

Tomorrow we will go off course as we make our way to Austin, where we will stay with Caleb Richard. The Trek Shop has my part ready to change out my control, so we will go there first. I’m also having what appears to be a tooth needing a root canal, out of the blue, but Dr Kinard is sending a prescription for an antibiotic. Hopefully, this will keep me on the road to finish. Then on to Calebs.

We are all tired after a 64-mile day of lots of traffic and noise. So, turning off the lights for now.

Good night!

LBJ's Hometown

Old Timey Post Office

I just love Post Offices

Micky Ds

Which Side is Left on?

Trois cyclistes fatigués, tous d'affilée


  1. Tell Caleb hello for us. Hope you enjoy your stay with him. Jump into the hot tub for me. 😂❤️🙏😎

  2. Yay! Fredericksburg is my favorite and the Perdenalis River is awesome. Hope the tooth responds quickly to antibiotics !

  3. Great area….sorry to hear about the tooth pain. Jane