Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Today's Metrics 4-11-23

Whew!! Two long days in a row. From the home of LBJ - Johnsonville - to Pflugerville (?). I get Johnsonville, but where did Pflugerville come from? Actually, Pflugerville, Texas was founded in 1860 and named after a German settler named Henry Pfluger who arrived in the area in 1849. The name Pfluger means “plowman” in German. We arrived in Pflugerville today and we prefer to call it Exaustedville! Max Speed of 39.6 occurred early at mile 2.6. Max Grade of 14.5% occurred at mile 41.2. Crossed the Colorado River just downstream of the Tom Miller Dam at mile 46.1. Slowly, we are putting Texas behind us.

Plowmanville Texas


  1. Don’t forget to rest!

  2. Enjoy your stay at Caleb’s house.

  3. Breann & Manny live in Pflugerville!