Saturday, April 29, 2023

Tourists Day

​Well, Guess I chickened out racing to stay ahead of the storm today, so decided I would enjoy the beach again. Will send pictures later as I see what I can find to do until the weather changes. 

Later…..I’m going to go be a tourist and “smell the roses.” 

Not today, Thank You! ...but maybe I should have😒

That didn’t work out so good for me. Severe storms, no beach or shopping, just Dominoes delivered. Now I have crazy headwinds for my first 35 miles to fight tomorrow. Lesson learned, “make hay while the sun shines”, I think is how it goes. Anyways, tomorrow is a new day!

The clouds were a boiling cauldron of darkness.

Another lonely soul braving the storm

The sea was angry this day, my friends.

I could have beaten this but.... 

Watch it rain backwards


  1. You'll have to smell them indoors - Here's your weather forecast for today "A thunderstorm late this morning followed by heavy t-storms this afternoon; storms can bring damaging winds and a tornado".

  2. Awe! Take it one day at a time! ❤️

  3. Oh man! Thankful you had a rest day!